Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Worksheets for Teachers and Parents

Since 2000 Teaching Treasures has delivered hundreds of online educational activities and games worldwide through their web site. They have served thousands of web pages and tens of thousands of worksheets to schools and homeschool families. Children worldwide have benefited for years and they are proud to have been a part of their learning.

The web site has now become part of Teaching Treasures because Ingrid has been, and still is, the main author of the worksheets, eBooks, and eCourses. Purchases made through this shopping cart are the only source of income that Teaching Treasures receives to maintain their online presence. Your purchases are therefore very much appreciate and they would like to thank all their past, present and future customers for their generous support.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Another new year is on our doorstep and I believe it's going to be a great one! There are literally thousands of preschoolers eagerly waiting to start their brand new adventure in learning their ABC's. There will be Kindergarten students who have advanced to year 1 and have mastered their basic level. Then there are those who will progress to their next level but still find it a struggle and are trying to get their head around the simplest things like pronunciation, basic letter formation, and trying to read their first words.

For some it's a breeze and yet for others it's a struggle to even hold their pencil and sit still for 10 minutes. It's exasperating! As homeschool mums frantically search for new and exciting materials to present to their children for 2017, it should be noted that if you have a son or daughter who is not performing as well as you (or they) would like, there is help available in the form of an eCourse.

This particular eCourse has been tested thoroughly and is exceptional value for money as it will help improve those kiddies who are struggling. For example, your son is in year 1 but has still problems writing the basics of ABC, performing simple calculation, and is showing signs of dyslexia. Your son will be a perfect candidate for this program. On the other hand you may have a daughter in year 3 and she has been left behind by the education system so you decided to pull her out and start homeschool in 2017.

She has difficulties in forming letters, reading basic words, issues with letter recognition and is identified as hovering between Kindergarten and Year 1 level of learning. In fact, it appears that she is doing far worse than you expected after putting her through a few simple tests. So what can you do about it?

I would recommend to enrol her in the ABC eCourse and dedicate the next few months to an intense review of everything she should have learned and get her up to scratch in no time flat. Initially some of the material in this eCourse may seem a little easy for her but trust me as she goes along, it will get harder and she will have built her confidence by then. She will skyrocket with your help!

This eCourse is not a "sit, set, and play games" solution, it is not a babysitting tool. To the contrary! It requires your input as you follow one lesson every day. A step by step program with plenty of printables every lesson to encourage hand writing, improve neatness, train focus and build upon strengths of your child.

Enough said about that; go check it out and look forward to seeing your child participate in something that will shape their future.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to make Friends

Children are fragile like flowers. Just like a flower only lasts a short while, so does childhood. I like to compare childhood to a flower because just like a flower a child can loose petal by petal of their self-esteem, their hopes and dreams, their genuine smile and confidence. Just like a flower petal, each child is unique, so different to the next one. Not one flower is identical, and not one child is identical. Not even identical twins are the same!

Making friends as a child can be difficult, especially these days with so many peer pressures. You're the odd one out if your clothes are different, your hair is the wrong cut or color, your shoes are bought on a budget and don't display the designer label. Maybe you happen to enjoy listening to the wrong kind of music, your folks are not as trendy as they should be, you don't have a credit card, or you weren't pre-approved online for that nifty color coded credit card but your friends were. 

Not to mention... What!.... You don't do drugs? NO MOBILE PHONE etc....etc...

Let me tell you a secret!

If you want to develop a more pleasing personality and make friends then you need to become genuinely interested in other people and you need to show kindness. You may be wearing the latest designer label clothes, the hottest brand shoes, the coolest jewelry, and received online approval for that credit card but if you display sourness and selfishness you'll have a battle ahead of you to make good friends. If you're teaching children about friendship then you could take a peek at this article about friendship. It may help you prepare for the task at hand.