Thursday, March 5, 2015

Exposing Teachers

Recently I was asked to pen down a horrendous topic exposing a teacher's method of teaching reading and writing to children that would create a stir, better still cause a severe reaction, an outburst, an avalanche of response from readers. Yep, a deliberate act of chaos within the teaching fraternity should do the trick I was told. So I put my fingers to the keyboard and thought hard and long about this with lots of reasoning getting me nowhere fast.

So I sat down thinking. If for instance I decided to write about any of the following ideas would it create that stir?

  1. Telling teachers they're useless won't improve their standard.
  2. Exposing teachers' laziness wouldn't make them work any harder.
  3. Proving that 4 years of academic study still doesn't make one a teacher.
  4. Digging up decades of teacher pedophiles won't help anyone.
  5. Name and shame teachers who breach copyright won't stop them.
  6. Slamming teachers for not being dedicated to their own kids won't stop them from teaching other kids.

So you see, I certainly had a dilemma so I decided to sleep on it until I came up with one great plan of generating that awesome write-up once and for all. The plan that would attract attention, boost my overall ratings and put me in the limelight.

Unfortunately I'm still working on this issue. You see research showed me something of a much bigger issue at stake here. It's not about the teachers at all, it's all about the education system. Teachers are bound by the education system they serve. If they serve a good system they'll be great teachers for that particular system. However, if they work for a corrupt system then they will deliver accordingly.

So I decided against writing my ultimate article and simply summed up my findings and until I can prove otherwise it will remain as such.

A good education system produces teachers with
  • high standards
  • hard workers
  • well prepared from university
  • protecting children
  • honest and upright
  • good example as a parent
A corrupt education system produces teachers with
  • low standards
  • lazy
  • little to no knowledge
  • abusing children
  • thieves and liars
  • atrocious example as a parent
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