Sunday, March 22, 2015

Helping or Hindering

In order for any child to succeed academically they'll need help. How long for is debatable as each child learns at a different rate however, if you're involved with their education you should have a fair idea. Young children need lots of time while older children can get away with a lot less time spend on them. Young adults attending college might still need your help as most will be struggling with peer pressure issues on a daily basis.

Here is a simple 10 point check list to see if you are helping or hindering your child's reading and learning abilities.

  1. Do you read regularly with your child? Do you read aloud while your child follows the text? (six-seven days a week)
  2. Do you give your child time to browse through a book before attempting to read it? 
  3. Do you show confidence in your child's abilities? Your lack of confidence may affect your child's ability to read. 
  4. Don't tell your child you are worried about their reading progress. This will only fuel your child's problem. Discuss with your partner or ask other home educators for advice.
  5. Does your child ever read to anyone else besides you? Try a grandma, neighbour, uncle, aunt, friend etc. It could make a big difference with your child's confidence to read. 
  6. Do you expect too much to soon? Don't push too hard for immediate results. It takes time! 
  7. Are you always rushed saying; hurry up or come on…? Do you give your child enough time to read or write? 
  8. Do you provide opportunities for your child to write? Such as shopping lists, names on the top of letters to friends or relatives, the child's own name at the bottom of a letter or card you have written. 
  9. Are you using books at the correct level? Use easy books to encourage your child's abilities, making sure it is not too easy or you will undermine your child's confidence. Don't choose books that are to hard, these may also undermine your child's confidence.
  10. If you do all the of above and you are still worried, your child's hearing or eyesight may have something to do with the reading problem. Visit your doctor for a check-up because hearing or eyesight could affect their ability to learn.
Check out these worksheets to help spark a learning interest.

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