Sunday, March 8, 2015

I'm Bored!

Any adult who is teaching a child is always on the lookout for something new to present to their learner. It seems that you can never have enough materials on-hand. Just like children, adults get bored too with the same teaching materials so it is important to keep chopping and changing in order to avoid your own boredom too. When children get bored they don't perform well no matter what area it is that they are learning. Children will get bored quickly if the adult teaching them shows little or zero enthusiasm. You see, children are not stupid and they'll detect your attitude before you do!

Young students will enjoy learning if you present exciting materials with a twist. Their brains are like super sponges! With these more advanced worksheets "Improve Skills" you too can be building upon ideas, skills, techniques and processes within the learning areas of English and Maths. You will help your children cover topics such as color mixing, basic colors, symmetrical drawing of a skeleton and labeling body parts covering contextual understanding during this process.

Improve children's alphabetical ordering skills, story reading and comprehension while learning about worms or rhyming words. Build vocabulary skills and improve spelling while learning about health of individuals & populations and personal hygiene issues such as washing hands. The mathematical components cover calculators, clock reading, time, measurement, numbers, reasoning & strategies, space, shape, simple fractions and percentages, and problem solving. Comes complete with extra teacher help notes, answer keys, outcome statements, and extra suggested curricula activities complementing the worksheets.


  1. I would have to agree with you. I have found in my experience that if you're any good as a teacher, you are penalized by your own colleagues. If you've got all your students excited about coming to school, then you have a problem as a teacher. Much to my dismay I have found way too many teachers have an unprecedentedly high opinion of themselves. I think the reason is because of the brainwashing we all go through before we even enter the schooling system.

    Teachers are all put through the physiological mill, we learn a great deal of physiological manipulation and this is drummed in every university subject one way or another. Of course you are going to get a swollen head with much of the garbage that is taught. Don't get me wrong some of that physiological stuff is quite good but a large percentage of it is quite damaging in my view and explains why teachers are the way that they are.

    I think you have opened a good discussion here, one thing I know is, I don't think the majority of teachers are happy with the current system. A system that requires way too much reporting. In my view it is taking my time away from the reason I became a teacher in the first place to teach, not report! Yes indeed you can blame the bureaucratic system, that make sense to me.

  2. Dear Anonymous, my advice is... don't let the education system beat you. You started with good intentions so persevere. Never give up on your students or colleagues. Continue teaching with that passion you had and hopefully still have. Teaching is a passion and I believe that there are to many teachers who have lost that passion or perhaps never had it to start with. Teaching is not a get rich quick scheme.... it's long hours, many headaches, scary moments and stress beyond measure but here's the thing! You will be rewarded by students who can now read and write thanks to your long hours of dedication. Those headaches will get paid off when those scary moments turn into shear enjoyable memories and your stress levels will hopefully suddenly disappear when the bell rings and announces your well deserved long summer holiday break. Keep up the good work!