Thursday, March 5, 2015


Maths SkillsTeaching children multiplication and the Times Tables should not be as frustrating as many find it to be. It's as simple as drumming it into ones' head or as fun as an online game. Most teachers in the past made it a daily routine. Each morning kids would chant their tables and for most it worked. For those it didn't work... perhaps they were still asleep or occupied fiddling with something else.

Chanting times tables is not much of a routine these days which in some ways is a shame in my opinion. There is a Little Maths Gem to be had online though which does not have noisy beeps, flashy interruptions, tedious page-load-waiting or anything else that would cause major distractions to learning the times tables. Perhaps a daily or weekly dose of this activity will see children excelling in their maths skills.

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