Thursday, March 5, 2015


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Let's take a look at what we call unschoolingThe philosophy behind the unschooling method is simply that the child only needs to learn what interests him or her at the time rather than following a predetermined curriculum devised by the parent or some other third party such as a teacher in the classroom.

Parent’s desires evidently don’t matter, so if a child does not want to learn maths, homeschool parents simply don’t need to do this at this stage as the child’s interest is not there yet. But when will it be there?

Will a child automatically develop an interest for maths at any stage during his or her school years? What if that doesn’t happen? What if teachers used the unschooling method as a standalone method in their classroom? I think it would create a nightmare!

There are many methods to teach a child and unschooling is just one method and should definitely not be used as a standalone method. Children need guidance. Guidance can only come from someone who has more knowledge such as a parent, teacher or any other adult. Read more about unschooling...

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