Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Little Known Facts

Five little known facts that could affect your students is not a gimmick. It is a real threat to children's learning and if you're teaching childen then you need to be aware of these little gem tips. Simply because my passion is for children to learn and if you're teaching (no matter what age group) you to will have that same passion or you wouldn't be teaching. It's that Simple!

Take for example the simple exercise of writing a story. From experience I can honestly say that story writing is either loved or hated by children. Those who love reading usually enjoy writing a story or two but those who dislike reading usually dislike writing too. Unfortunately; and as always.... it is up to you to encourage, persuade, support, establish or give the ultimatum for the work which needs to be done.

1 - You need to be encouraging.
2 - You may have to persuade your learner to pick up that pen to start with.
3 - You are the learner's support team, so support their efforts!
4 - You often will have to establish the topic. Not every one has a good imagination!
5 - If all else fails! Some learners need to be given the firm ultimatum of start writing or else... unfortunately!

Perhaps a good yarn such as 'gone bush'  or a 'fishy story' may encourage your students to come up with their story writing idea. Sometimes it just needs you as a teacher to spark their memory of an event they attended, or a holiday they went on, and so create an interest in writing. Writing can be done with pen and paper, on the computer or in comic strip format.

Hand drawings can also be scanned and text inserted if their handwriting makes it difficult to read because of limited writing space within their comic strip. Or perhaps a drawing program on the computer will make scanning unnecessary. If you find yourself with a student who absolutely hates writing but loves drawing then perhaps try the comic strip approach as a teaching strategy.

Check out these worksheets to help spark a learning interest.

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