Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to make Friends

Children are fragile like flowers. Just like a flower only lasts a short while, so does childhood. I like to compare childhood to a flower because just like a flower a child can loose petal by petal of their self-esteem, their hopes and dreams, their genuine smile and confidence. Just like a flower petal, each child is unique, so different to the next one. Not one flower is identical, and not one child is identical. Not even identical twins are the same!


Making friends as a child can be difficult, especially these days with so many peer pressures. You're the odd one out if your clothes are different, your hair is the wrong cut or color, your shoes are bought on a budget and don't display the designer label. Maybe you happen to enjoy listening to the wrong kind of music, your folks are not as trendy as they should be, you don't have a credit card, or you weren't pre-approved online for that nifty color coded credit card but your friends were. 

Not to mention... What!.... You don't do drugs? NO MOBILE PHONE etc....etc...

Let me tell you a secret!

If you want to develop a more pleasing personality and make friends then you need to become genuinely interested in other people and you need to show kindness. You may be wearing the latest designer label clothes, the hottest brand shoes, the coolest jewelry, and received online approval for that credit card but if you display sourness and selfishness you'll have a battle ahead of you to make good friends. If you're teaching children about friendship then you could take a peek at this article about friendship. It may help you prepare for the task at hand.

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